Who’s behind IIZU?

IIZU was developed in Switzerland by food scientist Florian Oberhauser over the course of four years and with the help of over 50 volunteers.

Going out to party has always been an integral part of Florian‘s life: Playing as a DJ of electronic dance music in renowned clubs of the Zurich and Basel nightlife, visiting music festivals, spending time out with his friends – and of course painfully having to get up the next morning in time for lectures.

In 2012 the idea for an anti-hangover-drink first came up when Florian and his roommate woke up with a massive hangover. After finishing his masters at ETH Zurich in 2014 he went to work in India and travelled around Southeast Asia, where he first got in touch with Ayurvedic medicine and natural hangover cures.

After his return to Switzerland Florian wondered why still nobody had created a good product yet, as there is enough scientific knowledge – and definitely enough potential customers – around. So he started to work on the perfect recipe and gathered around talented people who supported him in creating a brand.

IIZU was successfully launched in 2019 and was received with big anticipation. It is manufactured in Germany and confirms with Swiss and EU food laws.

Florian is a passionate musician and loves playing around on his modular synthesizer.

We are already 10 people and steadily growing. Hit us up if you are looking for an adventure!


  • finally someone realised what you were waiting for so long
  • endorsed by all the djs you know
  • your perfect companion for long night out
  • practical individual packaging
  • extraordinary taste
  • anti-inflammatory natural extracts from ginger, green tea, turmeric and black pepper
  • alkaline pH9
  • contains vitamins and amino acids (only the ones you really need!)
  • gluten, sugar, caffeine, aspartame and lactose-free
  • developed by and ETH food scientist with more than 50 test subjects